National project INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL ECONOMY - basic information

Recipient: Implementation Agency of Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic

Operational Program: Human Resources

Priority axis: 312030 – 3. Employment

Allocation: 8 279 432,08 €

Categories of regions: LDR – Less Developed Regions

Duration: June 2018 to November 2023

Target groups:

● public and private employment service institutions and their staff

● employees

● employers  

Project objective:

Improve the quality and capacity of public services employment to an appropriate level following

changing needs and requirements of the labour market, transnational job mobility, and increase the participation of partners and private employment services to solve problems in the area employment.


● Main project activity

Support of cooperation and partnership of subjects at regional level

● Activities

– Establishment and pilot verification of the functioning of the Central Coordination Unit of the Social Economy

– Establishment of Regional centers of the Social Economy and pilot testing of their functioning

– Dissemination and media campaign

The National Project of the Institute of Social Economy is implemented by the Implementation Agency of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic within the Operational Program Human Resources in the programming period 2014-2020.The aim of the project is to create and verify adjustment of the support for the development of the social economy in the Slovak Republic on the basis of Act No. 112/2018 Coll. on the social economy and social enterprises and on amendments to certain acts.

The project has been running from June 2018 to September 2022 and its implementation will enable to create and verify the accuracy of functioning of the support system for the development and adjustment of the social economy, information dissemination about possibilities provided by Act No. 112/2018 Z.z. on social economy and social enterprises – searching for potential applicants for establishment and registration of social enterprises, their motivation, management and support, organization of professional conferences on the national level, creation and continual updating of the website which contain comprehensive information on social economy entities support, presentation of the best practices in Slovakia and abroad.

As a part of the project’s activities, there is a network of supportive Regional Social Economy Centers ibeing established. There are well trained coordinators available in who provide detailed information in the first steps before registration of a social enterprise according to the law, e.g. what conditions is candidate obliged to fulfill, what basic documents are required, what  should the documents include and where to adress them.

As a part of this project there is also created a support infrastructure for the development of the social economy in Slovakia. It involves the education and training of public employment services institutions’ employees participating in the development of regional employment.

The implementation of the project will create a space for a socially oriented economy as an integral part of the public economy. During the project will be performed designing, implementing, monitoring and verifying of models of social economy entities.

 The suitability of these models will be assessed in terms of institutional, organizational, financial, tax, management, labor law and personnel perspective. After the evaluation of social economy entity models, there will be proposed recommendations of the best practices of social economy entities. It will include recommendations for legislative changes in order to identify and subsequently support the successful models in Slovak conditions.